Social Media Marketing

Social Media is much more than just posting selfies and flyers. Social media not only allows your company to have a digital profile, but to engage with current and potential customers. At Oxy Advertising agency Toronto, Our social media specialists will construct a comprehensive plan for your social media to grow your profile, and attract new business. 

Our team of social media specialists will analyze the current state of your social media profiles or create new ones for you. Then we will customize a plan that allows your brand to grow and spread the message you desire. Depending on your package, our team will create a posting schedule with content keeping your business alive.

Engagement allows your social media profiles to grow through interactions with your current following. Through liking, following, hashtags and stories, your profile will become more engaging and personable which in return bring more followers. Your assigned social media specialist will work around the clock to actively engage with new followers and potential customers skyrocketing your sales and following.

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With the tide of digitalization, the marketing mechanisms have experienced immense changes. Online marketing is the new normal. Social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and many more have overpowered the traditional marketing systems. Today every business desire to increase its brand visibility and generate connections with the customers through social media marketing (SMM). OXY Advertising, a renowned social media marketing agency in Toronto, presents social media services for multi-location businesses, medium enterprises, and small businesses. No matter if you own a 5-star company or small startup, our team of professionals is ready to help you carry out your social media marketing campaigns. Social Media Marketing is not only about posting your services across the social platforms, but it also includes a deep mechanism of monitoring the targeted customer’s needs, framing ideal content with a touch of professionalism that satisfies customer’s demands as well as promoting your brand. With our social media marketing services, you can connect, interact, engage with the audience to squeeze out their demands. Our team is an expert in sketching your social presence and helping you engage with customers to build a strong relationship of trust. So, gear up with our Social Media Marketing services to boost your business’s integrity and visibility.


Oxy Digital Media wants to make sure that you reach your desired audiences and maintain and grow those relationships with your customers, clients, and those within your profession. Our public relations division is ready to help you achieve that goal with strategies to establish connections and tell your story in a meaningful way that resonates with you. Our PUBLIC RELATIONS SERVICES includes; Content Creation, Media Relations, and Integrated Communications Plans


Engaging content rises to the top. Think about it; we all love a good story. Good stories are shared. They are talked about. They are remembered.

We have a team of talented, passionate professionals with the knowledge and strategy to bring your story to life. 

Our team will make sure your content conveys the right message, is optimized for results, and leaves the right impression.


Earned media is a great way to build your credibility and showcase your company. We offer media relations services to assist you with the coordination of media interviews and press conferences.

Our Media Relations Services includes; 

Creating press packages, Arranging interviews, News Releases, Media Pitches, and 
Statement Writing